Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Walking down Grafton Street, in Dublin, you can hear music come from everywhere, it's a genuine pleasure to walk down such a busy street because of the dozens of brilliantly talented buskers.

I had a moment, that I'm sure other music journalists have, that "Yes! That's something to be excited about!". Seeing a large crowd gathered around a group of five lads, I could hear the amazing sound of KeyWest.

A relatively famous band, I'd never heard of them before, and was surprised to see such a popular band that still busked. But, as they said themselves, it's the best way to get music across to the masses.

They blew me away, it didn't shock me at all that these guys are well on their way in the music industry, anything less would be a crime. The talent that these lads produce is outstanding, I was genuinely saddened when they played their last tune, saddened that I thought this could be the last time I ever hear them again. But, for us, they sold us CD's, which I bought two of and I haven't stop being able to listen to them since I came home.

Get them on, they're the greatest band you'll ever see busk if you're lucky enough to catch them. Listen to them wherever you are, trust me when I say that KeyWest are something to be excited about.

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